Courses for the Military

Courses for the Military

Our SLP military courses are created to improve language skills, expand military-specific vocabulary and practice the exam format.

Learn with native teachers, examiners and experts in the SLP exams. We have courses in English, French, Arabic, Italian and other languages.

We offer intensive courses, face-to-face individual and group courses and online classes. 

Exam Format

Skill Form of evaluation
Listening Comprehension Short audios with multiple choice answers
Reading Comprehension Short texts with multiple choice answers
Speaking Interviews with 2 examiners of 20-40 minutes
Writing An writing on one of two proposed topics

STANAG 6001 – Exam SLP

As a member of NATO, Spain signed the standardisation agreement (STANAG). One of the agreements, STANAG 6001, establishes a standardised system for assessing language skills in different languages. Upon passing an exam, the personnel of the Armed Forces and the Civil Guard obtain the Standardisation Language Procedure (SLP) certificates.

Levels of Linguistic Competence:

Level 0 No proficiency
Level 1 Survivor
Level 2 Functional
Level 3 Professional
Level 4 Expert
Level 5 Native

In-person Classes

In-person Classes

One-to-one classes

With our one-to-one classes, the student turns their specific language learning needs into goals to be achieved within a certain period of time, which we establish with them during the analysis of their learning objectives and the implementation of the study plan.

The objective of these classes is to focus the teaching on the student's specific areas of improvement. Classes are personalised and adapted to the objectives and needs of the professional that are identified at the beginning of the course.

Group Classes

For group face-to-face classes, a pre-level test and needs analysis is completed to organise the groups in homogeneous levels and similar objectives. We establish a study plan by level based on the needs of the group, taking advantage of group dynamics.

Intensive Courses

Our intensive courses offer an immersive experience in a language. For a period of 7 days or more, participants spend the entire day speaking in their chosen language.

In the mornings, grammar reviews and oral and written comprehension exercises are carried out. In the afternoons, written expression workshops and individual interviews are held to practice oral expression. In the evenings, teachers lead fun activities like debates, quizzes, movie nights, board games, and more. Additionally, students and teachers eat breakfast, lunch and dinner together to create a truly immersive experience.

Distance Learning

Distance Learning

Virtual Classes

With our virtual classes the student will have all the advantages of a face-to-face class with the flexibility of online classes. Classes are dynamic with fluid interactions. The ability to see the gestures and body language of the student and teacher allows for more effective and personal communication.

Virtual classes allow the possibility of one-to-one or group classes when participants are in different locations. The student can maintain their learning during business trips, working from home and from their headquarters.

Classes by telephone

Telephone classes are ideal for students looking for flexibility and a much greater result in improving listening and speaking skills, achieving more fluency and confidence in less time.

This class format improves communication without visual support, the absence of body language increases the difficulty in oral comprehension, which makes it a very effective method to develop strategies that improve our capacity for understanding and communication.

Online classes

We offer courses in English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Italian and Portuguese. Improve in the 4 skills, speaking, listening, reading and writing, in addition to the vocabulary and grammar of the language.

Our online platform offers courses for all levels of the SLP. In other words, whatever the level of the student, from beginner to bilingual, we have online courses to improve the language.

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